*Strand-by-Strand® Non Surgical Hair Replacement Guarantees a full head of hair. Requires ongoing maintenance.

  • Revolutionary Stem Cell Hair Technology Factors

    The Ultimate Breakthrough for Hair Loss

    Typically, during the Catagen stage, the hair follicles and roots shrink, and the hairs detach. New biotechnological clinical trials have proven that Stem Cell Hair Growth Factors combined with Advanced Laser Therapy can halt this loss and increase hair growth.

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Hair Loss Treatment Clinic

Over the years Advanced Hair Studio have developed proven, effective hair loss treatments for all patients regardless of gender. Advanced Hair Studio are innovative using the latest technological advances in medical science to provide the best solutions for hair loss. Our hair loss remedies can aid in the regrowth of your hair through our hair loss treatment procedures. You will find more information below regarding each of the hair loss treatments we have available, as well as a 'before' and 'after' snapshot showcasing the positive effects our hair loss treatments can have. Consult with our clinic Trichologist so we can identify the best treatment for your type of hair loss.


  • Advanced Hair Check

    Did you know that in excess of 40 percent of males have the initial signs of hair loss as young as in their early to mid-twenties? Although this is not a definite precursory for baldness or thinning hair it may still be an early indication that you may be one of the many men who will inevitably suffer from hair loss sometime in the future. In order to ascertain the nature of the hair loss problem and to identify which hair loss treatment would best suit your circumstances, we offer a free, no-obligation Advanced Hair Check for all potential clients. Our development of new hair loss remedies and our relentless research to find the cure for baldness and thinning hair has enabled us to help over 500,000 people with hair regeneration.

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     Advanced Hair Check, free consultation
  • Advanced Laser Therapy

    Clinical Trial: 3 out of 4 regrew hair within 4 months**

    Advanced Laser Therapy is a combination of proven scalp and follicle treatments and the latest laser technology aimed at restoring and regenerating hair loss and proving to be a more and more popular hair loss solution. This type of hair loss laser treatment uses Minoxidil which is a hair loss remedy used primarily to promote the regrowth of new hair. This amazing hair regeneration treatment can give unbelievable results in as little as 4 months and has a fantastic success rate.

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    BEFORE Scott, before treatment Ed Scott Professional Model
    AFTER* Scott, after treatment
    BEFORE Lauren, before treatment Lauren
    AFTER* Lauren, after treatment
    BEFORE Richard, before laser hair treatment Richard
    AFTER* Richard, after laser hair treatment
    BEFORE Peter, before laser hair surgery Peter
    AFTER* Peter, after laser hair surgery
    *Results may vary depending on individuals

    **Self evaluation based on double-blind, randomised,
      placebo-controlled, parallel-designed clinical trial. Results
      achieved with Minoxidil - will require continual use.
  • Strand By Strand

    You lost your hair strand by strand now let us replace it the same way, Strand-by-Strand! This innovative hair replacement procedure offers a great hair loss solution with absolutely no scarring and no pain which means it has minimal impact on your daily life and absolutely no down time. Our patented Strand-by-Strand treatment is suitable for both men and women suffering from baldness and thinning hair and will have you feeling and looking fantastic.

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    * Requires ongoing maintenance
    BEFORE Mike, before Strand-By-Strand treatment Mike
    AFTER* Mike, after Strand-By-Strand treatment
    BEFORE Paul, before Strand-By-Strand hair restoration Paul
    AFTER* Paul, after Strand-By-Strand hair restoration
    BEFORE Rikki, before AHS Strand by Strand Rikki
    AFTER* Rikki, before AHS Strand by Strand
    BEFORE Ravi Bopara, before picture Ravi Bopara
    AFTER* Ravi Bopara, after picture
    BEFORE Graham Gooch, before hair treatment picture Graham Gooch
    AFTER* Graham Gooch, after hair treatment picture
    BEFORE Before hair restoration the late Martin Crowe
    AFTER* Post hair restoration
    BEFORE Greg Matthews' hair prior to hair restoration and replacement Greg Matthews
    AFTER* Greg Matthews' hair after hair restoration and replacement
    *Results may vary depending on individuals
  • Advanced Singular Hair Grafting

    Advanced Singular Hair Transplantation

    Strand-by-Strand – The Real Thing is an innovative surgical procedure used to aid hair regeneration and one of the hair loss solutions we offer for the treatment of baldness. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you gained a whole new front hairline without it being too obvious? If this is the kind of fantastic hair restoration result you are looking for, then this is the treatment for you!

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    BEFORE Tony before Strand By Strand 'The Real Thing' treatment Tony
    AFTER* Tony after Strand By Strand 'The Real Thing' treatment
    *Results may vary depending on individuals
  • Female Hair Restoration

    The general consensus is that hair loss problems affect mostly males however you may be surprised by the number of females who experience hair thinning and baldness. There are many reasons for hair loss in women including genetic, illness, hormonal imbalance or even something as simple as lifestyle. Whatever the cause, Advanced Hair Clinic offer the very best hair loss products and treatments available! We offer fantastic hair loss remedies and treatments for thinning hair and baldness as well as some amazing products for excessively damaged hair.

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    Advanced Hair Clinic for female hair loss
    BEFORE Anthea before female hair loss and restoration Anthea
    AFTER* Anthea after female hair loss and restoration
    BEFORE Minnie before female hair loss and restoration Minnie
    AFTER* Minnie after female hair loss and restoration
    BEFORE Sue before female hair restoration Sue
    AFTER* Sue after female hair restoration
    BEFORE Ria before Advanced Hair Clinic for women Ria
    AFTER* Ria after Advanced Hair Clinic for women
    BEFORE Monica before Advanced Hair Clinic for women Monica
    AFTER* Monica following Advanced Hair Clinic for women
    *Results may vary depending on individuals
  • Advanced Hair and Scalp Fitness Program

    AHS-FP otherwise known as Advanced Hair & Scalp Fitness Program is a system which aims at providing multiple solutions in one program for the treatment of hair loss, alopecia and balding. Using a variety of hair loss products as well as our very own Advanced Laser Comb (cleared by the FDA to promote the growth of existing hair) we formulate an individual program to suit your personal circumstances.

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    Shane Warne
    Shane Warne after AHS-FP treatment
  • Advanced Hair Clinic - Male Hair Loss

    Advanced Hair Clinic offers a, second to none, advisory service from highly trained and qualified Trichologists for all potential clients. Offering diagnosis on a varied range of hair loss conditions including: male and female pattern hair loss or baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia ); Congenital Alopecia; Traction AlopeciaCicatricial Alopecia; Telogen Effluvium (diffuse hair loss); Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia; Tricotillamania, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

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* Requires maintenance