For Kids Program, Hair Loss Treatments for Children

We Can Treat Children With Hair Loss, Free of Charge

Advanced Hair For Kids Program

Advanced Hair Studio treats hair loss in the widest cross-section of the population and for many reasons. And, while many consider hair loss to be an adult affliction only, the sad reality is that hair loss also affects children. While for these children, hair loss can be due to a myriad of reasons. For many, cancer treatment is the cause of this devastating hair loss. For these kids, cancer treatment should be enough to go through; however, they also have to contend with the devastating effects of hair loss – only adding to their illness.

Each year it is a sad reality that the Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital provides cancer treatment to many young kids. And, apart from the children themselves and their relatives undergoing significant emotional and physical anguish, permanent hair loss can be another side effect of this debilitating illness and its much-needed treatment.

This is where Advanced Hair Studio saw a way to give back to the community. They identified an area where they could provide some relief in such traumatic times for both the kids and the families. As experts in hair growth and hair loss treatment worldwide, it was only fitting that we step in and help these kids when they needed it most. As a result, the Advanced Hair for Kids Program was born.

The Advanced Hair for Kids Program is a joint initiative, providing kids with hair again following hair loss due to illness and cancer therapies. In conjunction with the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Social Work Department in Melbourne, Advanced Hair Studio offers children hair free of charge. This not only makes this journey a little less difficult for the children, it also helps families and relatives around them.

Advanced Hair Studio recognises how important hair is to a person’s self-confidence and their ability to return to their normal lives. Whether hair loss occurs in an adult or child, the impact is the same – it is traumatic. As such, Advanced Hair Studio gives those kids who have survived cancer the hair they need to get back to their daily lives. It is our way of making this important transition from the hospital to mainstream life just that little bit easier.