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Advanced Hair is a Commendee of the 2008 Governor of Victoria Export AwardsAt Advanced Hair Studio, our successful hair loss treatment and therapies produce significant news and articles. We are constantly making headlines due to our proven hair growth procedures and the many satisfied clients that thank us.

Our Advanced Hair Studio hair growth procedures treat an entire spectrum of clients, ranging from the young, more mature, male and female. In particular, Advanced Hair Studio features in the news a great deal because of the satisfied celebrity clients and the difference our hair loss treatment has made in their lives. A celebrity life is very public and it is only natural that their appearance, in particular their full head of hair, is the talking point of the media.

With approximately 500,000 clients worldwide and 70 Advanced Hair Studio locations throughout the world, is it any wonder that our hair loss treatment and associated success stories end up making news. Our results and passion for what we do drives the philosophy behind Advanced Hair Studio. With a demonstrated track record that dates back to 1976, we have shifted with the latest in hair growth technologies and procedures – providing the very best to our clients.

In fact, it is our demonstrated results and success that saw Advanced Hair Studio receive a Commendation in the 2008 Governor of Victoria Export Awards – Large Services. This official award is an honour bestowed by the Governor of Victoria, Australia – a representative of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth. The award officially recognised our outstanding quality products and highest level of customer service. Even more impressive was our commendation in a field of intense competition and quality entrants.

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Why not browse through some of the below hair loss news and articles pertaining to our hair loss treatment triumphs at Advanced Hair Studio. There is good reason why we are a leading international hair loss treatment company. Here you can read about our successful track record in hair growth solutions that really work and the many clients that have benefited from them. Remember to keep checking on our hair loss news articles to see all of our latest developments and treatments! 

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