Who We Are

Carl A. Howell, Founder & Chairman of Advanced Hair Studio

"In 1976, having established Advanced Hair Studio as one of the largest hair restoration companies in the USA, I returned to my native Australia to develop more effective procedures of hair replacement and restoration – because ‘I knew there had to be a better way’.

Advanced Hair Studio has a powerful history and international reputation in the world of hair loss treatment and hair growth solutions. Our proven before and after results speak for themselves and the many testimonials we receive each year demonstrate the effectiveness of our hair loss treatment, therapies and procedures.

With over 40 years of experience in providing hair loss treatment solutions to clients worldwide, Advanced Hair Studio methods are tried, tested and proven. We are continually enhancing our hair growth technologies and procedures to ensure the best hair growth service we can provide. 

 So many clients come to us every day in need of reprieve from encroaching hair loss, hair thinning and hair balding. Whether it is in a particular age group, such as the 18-30 year olds, 30-45 year olds or 45 plus, 500,00 men and women worldwide have benefited from the advice and procedures of Advanced Hair Studio.

So often in society we are judged by our appearance. And, for many, it is the state of our hair that conveys a powerful and almost instantaneous impression. For men, this often takes the form of strength, power, youth and vitality. While for women, the condition of our hair can indicate femininity, health and youth. As a result, when we experience hair loss, thinning or balding, our self-esteem and sense of being can be shaken. In many cases, our hair is even often interwoven into our sense of identity and the mark of youth. In these instances, hair loss can cause physical, psychological and emotional trauma. We not only lose our hair, but we also lose our confidence and sense of who we are.

At Advanced Hair Studio, hair loss doesn’t have to be!

We fully understand the underlying causes of hair loss; the trauma associated with hair loss; and, the myriad of hair growth solutions. We have successfully treated countless types of hair loss conditions. Each day we provide innovative hair restoration and replacement procedures that have changed lives and given back the confidence that had been taken away by hair loss.

Feel free to browse through some of the many testimonials we receive each year from satisfied clients. See the Advanced Hair Studio hair loss treatment results for yourself, take a look at our before and after images. And, for further information about our services, please browse through the rest of our website.

To discuss your Advanced Hair Studio hair loss treatment further, contact one of our hair growth experts today. Don’t wait to change your life.