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Hair loss can affect men and women from all walks of life and can be the result of many different causes. Lifestyle, stress, diet and genetics can seriously influence whether you will be more or less susceptible to hair thinning or baldness (sometimes referred to as alopecia). Here at Advanced Hair Studio we have relentlessly researched the causes of hair thinning and loss to develop breakthrough hair restoration treatments and cures. Our extensively trained experts are able to assess whether your condition is due to lifestyle, in which case they will advise you on the habits you need to change and the treatments that can get help get you back to a full head of hair. Our AHS DNA test will ascertain as to whether your condition may be genetic causing a predisposition to baldness.

We offer hair graft treatment, hair transplant procedures as well as less invasive solutions such as hair extensions and our well-known Strand by Strand hair replacement technology. For a free, no obligation hair health check, don’t hesitate to give us a call today and we will happily book you into our Cardiff clinic for your personal hair and scalp evaluation.

Treatments for Hair Loss Sufferers in Cardiff

Your scalp contains 100,000 hairs. Approximately 100 hairs are lost every day. This is normal, and in most cases these hairs re-grow. Everyone, especially men, as they age lose hair. No matter how old you are you can lose your hair. Diabetes, lupus, and thyroid problems are some of the diseases which can cause your hair to fall out. Hair can also fall out if you are having treatment for cancer, chemotherapy, and if you are taking certain medications. Poor diet and nutrition, a diet which is low in protein, genes and stress also cause people to lose their hair.

Treatments for hair loss depend on the underlying cause. If you are concerned about hair loss and would like to speak to a specialist, visit one of our hair loss clinics located nationwide. When you meet with one of our specialists in one of our hair loss centres your hair will be examined. After you will be informed on what is causing you to lose your hair, and the best course of action and treatment to solve your hair loss problem.

This is a free no obligation visit where you won’t be pressurised into paying for any treatment.

Treatments include Strand-by-Strand, Advanced Hair Fibres, AHS-FP and Advanced Singular Hair Grafting. All treatments have proven successful in treating a range of hair loss issues with many happy customers regaining not just new hair, but their life back and their confidence.

Receive a Hair Check from a Specialist

In the same way that you would go and see your doctor if you thought there was a problem with your health, or for a skin problem you would see a dermatologist, with hair loss problems you see a hair specialist. A hair specialist treats a range of hair loss related conditions such as oiliness, itching, hair breakage and scaling of the scalp. Trichology is the science of hair and all trichologists are trained to the highest standards possible. At your local advanced hair studio clinic you can book a no obligation free consultation with a highly skilled hair specialist and receive trichology advice.

What should you expect from your consultation?

Medication, stress, poor nutrition, medical problems and genetics can all have a devastating effect on both the scalp and hair causing hair loss. When you have a consultation with our specialist you will be questioned on your medical history. Your hair and scalp will be examined thoroughly. In certain circumstances a blood test may be needed. This information will allow the specialist to identify what is causing your hair loss problem, and if possible, treat it.

Restore Your Hair

One way of treating hair loss is hair restoration surgery. This involves surgically removing an individual’s hairs from the back or side of their head and transplanting them to the donor site, where the hair is thinning or has fallen out.

Not every case of hair loss can be treated with hair restoration surgery. The suitability of the donor site, hair type and how sever the hair loss is, these are some of the factors which will determine whether someone is suitable for hair replacement surgery.

It is important that you know all the facts about hair restoration surgery. Everybody is different, and so booking a consultation at an Advanced Hair Studio clinic is the best way to determine why you are losing your hair and what can be done to treat it. This consultation doesn’t cost anything, you will meet with a highly trained professional with extensive experience in hair loss and hair loss surgeries including hair replacement. They will go over all the options available to you and explain in detail what exactly is involved in hair replacement surgery and the benefits it offers you.

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