Testimonial from Matt Konig

Matt Konig is Just one of Many Clients we Have Treated for Hair Loss

M.A. Konig

Advanced Hair Studio
15-17 Lansdowne St

Attention: The General Manager

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to commend you on the terrific products that I have been using now for the past 5 years. To be completely honest since using your hair program my life has changed dramatically.

I lost my hair rapidly at the age of 17/18 and most to all of my success with women deteriorated as fast as my hairline receded.

It was strange to observe how people began to treat me differently when I was bald. All of a sudden things changed from being treated like an eighteen year old to being treated like a thirty year old. You wouldn't believe the difference no hair can make! I went from being asked for identification wherever I went to being almost told I was too old to go into bars.

So at the ripe old age of 23 I had my hair replaced Strand-by-Strand® and moved to Sydney that day. My first night in Sydney you wouldn't have believed what happened. I went to a bar and was approached by 2 girls who purchased alcohol for me.

Five long years of dating girls less attractive than I would have liked came to an abrupt end in an instant. Instead of doing all the work, and copping a bruised ego and many rejections in the process, I now had girls chasing me. I looked about ten years younger, and I think the five years with no hair ensured my personality was in good shape.

The results in my life are truly remarkable, and I owe it in a large way to Advanced Hair Studio. Having celebrities promoting your products is one thing, but I can tell you that a regular guy going from a dating drought and boring serious girlfriends to seeing several gorgeous girls at once is a transformation you wouldn't believe.

I owe it to you to say thanks and recommend it to anybody who considers the greatest possible self improvement/make over you could ever believe.

Yours faithfully
Matt Konig