Strand-by-Strand® Hair Transplant & Implants

Strand-by-Strand® medical is a Hair Restoration Treatment for Hair Loss

Strand By Strand - The Real Thing - delivers fantastic resultsOften men experiencing hair loss are hesitant to have hair transplant treatments performed due to the fact that it can take up six months for the hairline to grow back which means that the hair may look unnatural for that period of time. For this very reason, Advanced Hair Studio have researched and developed various non-surgical and surgical natural hair loss treatments to produce a virtually perfect result immediately following the procedure.

Nobody Will Guess until Your Front Hairline Has Fully Regrown

Advanced Singular Hair Grafting® - The Real Thing™ is a transplant procedure which utilises your natural hair to thicken and restore a new font hairline. Performed by one of the most internationally renowned surgeons, this hair restoration treatment never fails to give outstanding results. It works by integrating this amazing hair replacement system seamlessly behind the previously transplanted hair on the front of the head. The natural sweeping style disguises the area of hair that has been transplanted until the natural hair has had a chance to grow.

It Doesn’t Get Better Than This!

Now you can seriously consider having the hair transplant procedure you have always dreamed of without having to endure an unnatural looking hairline whilst awaiting the full results to show. Investing in our breakthrough procedure Advanced Singular Hair Grafting® - The Real Thing™ will give you the advantage of having a full and totally natural looking hairline in the style you require. For stopping hair loss with an incredible natural remedy, it just doesn’t get better than this! Don’t hesitate to give us a call for any further information about Advanced Singular Hair Grafting® - The Real Thing™!

Picture showing the hair prior to Strand By Strand hair restoration   An after pic showing the results of Strand By Strand hair treatment *

* Results may vary depending on individuals