World renowned International Trichologist (Hair & Scalp Specialist) joins Advanced Hair Clinic team

image description Mark Birch, Trichologist, recognised as one of the world’s experts in the care of hair and the scalp.

He is renowned for his research into and treating severe cases of hair loss and is consulted by royalty, media and show business celebrities.

Now, through Advanced Hair Clinic, you can benefit from expert advice from Mr Birch. Simply register on this page to make an appointment at Advanced Hair Clinic and receive advice on your hair loss from this world renowned International hair and scalp specialist. Register now!

There are many types of hair loss and the cause can vary widely. That’s why Advanced Hair Clinic have employed the expertise of Trichologist Mark Birch, one of the world’s experts in the care of hair and the scalp.

Mark first gained prominence as an innovative hair and scalp specialist in Mayfair, London, where he became renowned for his ground breaking approach and excellent results in treating the most severe cases of hair loss, including Androgenic Alopecia, Areata & Totalis.

Now through Advanced Hair Clinic you can benefit from Mr. Birch correctly identifying and supervising the best hair and scalp restoration program for your individual needs.