What is Hair Loss?

Hair Loss Treatments & Solutions for Hair Loss

What is hair loss?

For men, the odds of suffering some form of hair loss are high. In fact, around 80% of men will lose hair during their lifetime. This varies from thinning hair, a receding hairline, bald regions to complete loss of hair.

There are various reasons why men can suffer from hair loss but the most common is Androgenic Alopecia, or as is more commonly known as, male pattern baldness. This is caused by the effect of male hormones and is passed down the family tree. The result is usually a miniaturisation of the hair follicles, so hair becomes thinner, shorter and lighter and is insufficient to replace hair that is naturally shed.

Why people lose their hair?

The most common reason for hair loss is genetics, but there a number of other factors that can also cause temporary or permanent hair loss. Aging is one factor but for younger men (and women), reasons other than genetics include disease and medical conditions.
This can be early signs of diabetes or the result of illness, stress, surgery, eating disorders or infection.

Other aspects such as hormonal imbalances, several prescription medications and diseases such as Alopecia Areata can also cause hair loss. These very common problems inspired our experts here at Advanced Hair Studio to work tirelessly in the search and development of hair loss remedies and new hair loss laser treatments.  

Solutions to hair loss:

Is there are cure for baldness? There are some well-advertised hair loss treatments that seem too good to be true, which in most cases means they are not what they appear to be. Therefore it is essential to consult with specialists that have a proven reputation and history of success in the development and implementation of hair loss cures.

Advanced Hair Studio was established 40 years ago and today is internationally successful having pioneered many breakthroughs in hair restoration, including hair loss laser treatment and hair loss products. So the answer to your hairloss problem and the perfect hair loss cure is only a call away? Talk to a specialist at Advanced Hair Studio to find out the most effective treatment for baldness and other remedies for hair loss.

Treatments for male hair loss:

A hair loss specialist can provide a remedy for hair loss on an individual basis and depending on the cause and progression of your hair loss, there are a number of alternatives your specialist can discuss with you.

Advanced Laser Therapy® is non-surgical and is designed to treat hair loss as well as promote new hair regrowth and restore lost hair. 

AHS-FP® is a hair loss remedy clinically proven to promote hair growth.

Strand-by-Strand® is a hair loss solution, where you can replace your hair the way you lost it, strand by strand. This non-surgical procedure guarantees that anyone can have a full, natural looking head of hair again.

Advanced Singular Hair Transplantation® involves the latest techniques in surgical hair regeneration and uses your own hair to give you back hair in the areas where required.

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