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Established in 1976, Advanced Hair Studio has earned an international reputation for being at the forefront in technological advances in the science of hair restoration. Our methods have been tried, tested and proven to be effective time and time again. In a society where appearance affects the way we are judged, it can be very distressing to experience hair thinning and baldness. Often referred to as alopecia, a sudden loss of hair can cause a serious lack of self-confidence and increased anxiety.

It is our mission to alleviate the stress caused by hairloss by offering our innovative and patented hair loss treatments for men, women and sadly even children who we can treat for free. Whether you are looking to invest in the less invasive Strand by Strand treatment, hair thickening treatment, hair grafting or hair transplant we have the perfect hair loss cure to suit your individual condition.

We have clinics the world over including our highly reputable Bromley clinic where they are waiting for your call. Book a free Advance Hair Check today and let us help you get your life back on track!

Hair Loss Treatments in Bromley

When most people think of hair loss they automatically think of an aging man, however, hair loss affects everyone regardless of their race, age and gender. It is true that more men suffer hair loss than women do, but hair loss among women is very common and can be distressing for the individual involved.

Hair goes through cycles of growth and a part of this growth cycle is to shed roughly one hundred hairs each day. A number of factors can cause this number to increase and cause irreversible hair loss.

Every month hair grows roughly half an inch, at any one time 10% of a person’s hair is in the dormant phase of the hair growth cycle whilst the other 90% is in the growing phase. Roughly 2-3 months later the dormant hair falls out and begins to grow again while other hairs enter the dormant phase. Hair loss and shedding hair are two different things, once hair starts to fall out it does not grow back. A number of different factors in someone’s life can cause their hair to start falling out; these can include any stressful situation such as going through a tough divorce, grieving and childbirth.

On the market there are a bewildering number of hair loss treatments. Some of these include natural remedies and lotions and topical creams, however these have shown to be ineffective, especially if the case of hair loss is extreme. For a reliable treatment which constantly provides excellent results visit your local Advanced Hair Studio clinic. Advanced Hair Studio has been experts in the industry since 1976 providing a range of treatments to cure your hair loss including AHS-FP, Advanced Singular Hair Grafting, Advanced Hair Fibres and Strand-by-Strand.

Visit One of Our Highly Trained Specialists

When someone is suffering from hair loss they go and see a Trichologist much like someone would see a doctor if they had a medical issue. A Trichologist is an expert in all aspects of hair loss, why it happens, and how to repair it. They treat a range of problems from hair breakage and oily hair to scaling of the scalp and itching. All of our clinics up and down the country can offer a highly trained Trichologists advice.

If you would like one of our specialists to examine your hair book an appointment for a free consultation at your local clinic today. At your consultation the specialist will ask you some questions regarding your hair loss, examine your hair to find out what is causing it to fall out and then recommend available treatments for your particular case. This is a free service and you will not be pressured at any time to commit to anything. Our specialist will determine your hair loss cause with it be including:

  • Alopecia
  • Scaling alopecia
  • Seborrhea
  • Baldness patches
  • Eczema
  • Trichotillomania

Hair Restoration

Confidence and self-esteem can all be lost when someone loses their hair. Hair loss is a very dramatic thing to happen to someone, especially women, but men can equally be affected. Huge advances in technology and techniques have been made in hair restoration over the previous decade.

If you choose to undergo hair restoration surgery at one of our clinics you will have to go over a few things with your surgeon before going through with this procedure such as your ethnic background, your skin and hair, age, and if there is any history of hair loss in your family.

Surgical hair restoration isn’t suitable for everyone and your suitability will be examined during your consultation. If for any reason you are not suitable for this procedure you will be told about other options to curing your hair loss which are open to you. The cost of hair restoration is dependent on a number of different factors and the price varies from person to person depending on the severity of their hair loss.

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