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Why choose Advanced Hair Studio for all your hair restoration and hair loss needs? Simple – it’s because we have over 40 years’ experience and a wealth of patented procedures we have research and developed ourselves with a history of proven success, helping people around the world from all walks of life suffering from hair growth problems.

We boast the best in industry procedures and continually invest in research to find even more solutions to alopecia, hair thinning and baldness. We only settle for the best when it comes to staffing our clinics and can guarantee that our experts are not only the best in the field but carry out their work with a passion and commitment not to be found anywhere else.

We offer a complimentary hair check for all people looking for hair loss treatments in the Reading area, so give us a call today to book your place at our Reading hair loss clinic

Treatments for Hair Loss in Women & Men

Everyone, women, men and children, can suffer from hair loss. Hair loss can result from a number of things including medical conditions, genetics, poor health and diet, stress, and how someone looks after and styles their hair.

Hair loss on the scalp is usually called baldness. There are people who aren’t that bothered about losing their hair and leave it to fall out naturally without any treatment. Whilst other people are more concerned about their hair loss and try to hide it by wearing hats, hairstyles and wigs. However, these aren’t always practical and there are many hair loss treatments out there to solve this problem.

At Advanced Hair Studio our clinics located throughout the UK provide a number of hair replacement treatments to deal with all types of hair loss. Book an appointment to speak to one of our many highly skilled and expert hair specialists who are ready and waiting to examine your hair and provide you with advice and a treatment for your hair loss. Our specialists will recommend, depending on your case, either one of these treatments:

Before you choose to do anything with your hair, speak to one of our hair specialists who are always happy to help and will provide you with the best information for your type of hair loss. In circumstances where your hair loss is severe, you may have to visit your doctor first.

Discover the cause of your Hair Loss with our Hair Loss Specialist

Advanced hair studios have hair loss centres located all around the United Kingdom and each one employs a fully trained and professional. Trichology is the study of hair disorders and diseases. A trichologist diagnoses and treats a range of hair and scalp problems with the most common being:

  • Hair thinning
  • Scalp diseases
  • Hair loss
  • Hair breakage
  • The miniaturization of hairs

Aside from diagnosing the cause of these common hair and scalp diseases a trichologist also provides treatment. Depending on the severity of the condition, a trichologist may have to refer you to a doctor.

Roughly around 1860 in a barbershop in London a certain Professor Wheeler developed an interest in hair care and hair loss. This interest eventually became known as Trichology in 1902 and this is when the Institute of Trichologists was found. The Institute of Trichologists is the world’s oldest association for professional trichologists.

Visit our Reading based Studio for Hair Restoration Treatments

Until today the dream of restoring a balding scalp has only been a fantasy. For years hair restoration surgery has been seen as an expensive luxury only the super rich and celebrities can afford. Thankfully, things have changed recently, hair restoration surgery is widely available, and as a result the cost has come down to the affordability of the everyday person.

Hair restoration surgery is the transplanting of hair into areas of the scalp which are balding and thinning. Hair restoration surgery requires donor hair which is resistant to balding, this comes from either the back or side of the head.

Hair restoration surgery is the only permanent way of treating hair loss, hair thinning and balding. Not everyone is able to have hair restoration surgery unfortunately, it all depends on what has caused your hair to fall out and how serious your hair loss is. This can determined by booking a free consultation at an Advanced Hair Studio clinic with a one of our hair loss specialists.

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