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Advanced Hair Studio provides leading hair loss treatment and procedures worldwide. There is a very good reason why we are at the forefront of hair replacement and restoration – our results speak for themselves. Here are some of the many reasons why Advanced Hair Studio should be your hair loss treatment place of choice:

We were established in 1976. Yes, Advanced Hair Studio has been in operation for over three decades. We have proven time and time again that our hair loss treatment and therapies really work. How else could we be in business this long?

Over 500,000 satisfied clients. 500,000 men and women worldwide have benefited from the advice and procedures of Advanced Hair Studio.

We have approximately 65 studios worldwide. Our hair loss results and success has spawned our growth. So much so that Advanced Hair Studio has grown into an international hair growth company that exists in locations all over the world. As they say, success breeds success.

Diverse clients. We have helped a wide range of clients from diverse backgrounds achieve their hair growth goals. Men, women, adults and children have all come through the Advanced Hair Studio doors and received hair growth solutions that really work. From all walks of life and all professions, regaining hair loss gives everyone, no matter who they are, a new outlook on life and the self-confidence they deserve.

Continual improvement. Over the years, Advanced Hair Studio has not only kept up with technological developments in the field of hair growth solutions, we’ve actually developed it. In fact, this started when founder Carl A. Howell moved from the U.S.A to his native Australia in order to enhance the hair growth solutions that were currently being used. He just “knew there had to be a better way.”

Celebrity endorsement. Advanced Hair Studio and its hair loss treatment and therapies has been engaged by many a celebrity. Not only have they benefited from our treatments, they’ve been so impressed they’ve endorsed our hair loss restoration and replacement procedures. Shane Warne, the late Martin Crowe and Graham Gooch are just some of the many celebrities that have publicly endorsed Advanced Hair Studio.


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