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Here at Advanced Hair Studio our mission is to provide a comprehensive choice of therapies to combat hairloss and scalp problems. Ranging from treatments such as Strand for Strand treatment and high quality hair extensions to more invasive solutions such as hair grafting or hair transplants, we have all the hair restoration solutions to suit any individual condition. We always strive to stay ahead of the game by constantly investing in research and development in new ways to give you the full head of hair you are so desperately wanting.

Our 40 years’ experience and client base of over half a million happy clients makes us the world’s number one choice when it comes to choosing the best hair replacement company. Our testimonials include many household names such as Shane Warne, Darren Gough and Graham Gooch to name but a few.

For further information about treatments and therapies give us a call today. We offer a free Advanced Hair Check at our Newcastle-Upon-Tyne clinic for all suffering from hair loss.

Restore Your Hair With Our Hair Loss Treatments

  • A full head of hair is important for confidence, self esteem and a youthful look. The surgeons employed at Advanced Hair Studio clinics can fix your hair loss giving you the confidence to live your life to the fullest once more.
  • Hair restoration surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic and uses single, double and multiple hair follicle grafts taken from the back or sides of the head. Typically hair restoration surgery takes between three and six hours to complete, this is all dependant on how many grafts are used.
  • The recovery time for hair restoration surgery is short. The majority of people can go back to work a couple of days following the surgery, for the hair follicles to start consistently growing hair it can take several months.
  • The cost of hair replacement surgery all depends on how serious your hair loss is and how long your treatment is going to take, the more grafts which are needed the longer the surgery. Get in touch with your nearest Advanced Hair Studio clinic to book yourself a free consultation. Our consultations are free and there is no obligation or pressure to go through with hair replacement surgery or to commit to anything financially.

Are you Suffering from Hair Loss?

Around 80% of men will suffer from some form of hair loss in their life. This can be complete hair loss, a receding hairline or thinning hair. Men suffer hair loss for many reason, the most common being male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is caused by hormones and is passed down in families. In the majority of cases this causes a miniaturisation of hair follicles, this causes hair to become thinner, lighter and shorter, as a result this hair is insufficient to replace hair which is lost naturally.

Genetics is one of the major causes of hair loss, however, there a many other factors which cause hair loss including aging, medications you may be taking, and an imbalance in hormones. In younger men and women the main reasons for hair loss besides genetics include medical conditions and diseases.

A hair loss specialist can provide treatments for your particular type of hair loss, depending on the cause and progress of your hair loss a number of treatments are available:

  • Strand-by-strand. This procedure replaces the hair the same way it is lost, strand by strand. This is a non surgical procedure and the end result is a natural full looking head of hair.
  • Advanced Laser Therapy. Designed to promote new hair re-growth as well as hair loss.
  • Advanced Singular Hair Transplantation. This uses your own hair to replace hair you have lost in other places.
  • AHS-FP. This procedure has been clinically proven to promote hair re-growth.

What is a Trichologist?

  • Clinical trichology, founded in 1902 in London, is the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the scalp and hair. Trichology comes from the Greek word “Trikos” which means hair.
  • A trichologist who is fully qualified is someone who has completed their trichology education and are highly trained, knowledgeable and skilled at diagnosing scalp problems and hair loss. Trichology isn’t just the treatment of the scalp and hair but also the holistic approach to healthy hair and overall health. A trichologist places an emphasis on a person’s exercise and diet including other aspects of their lifestyle.
  • A trichologist can better solve and treat certain hair loss problems than a dermatologists can; these include anemia, thyroid deficiency, autoimmune deficiency and alopecia.
Hair loss doesn’t cause the sufferer any physical pain or medical problems but can cause great distress. The treatment and causes of hair loss are misunderstood a lot of the time. Male pattern baldness is the most common type of hair loss, and despite this name, it can affect women as well. Because this is a hard time for the patient a trichologist needs to possess the experience and knowledge to understand the person’s anxiety and create and implement a strategy to treat the problem.

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