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Thinning hair and alopecia affects different people in different ways. Hair loss in women can be particularly traumatising and can be caused due to a variety of reasons including genetics, hormones or illness. It is vital that whatever condition is causing the hairloss be correctly diagnosed and treated with a highly effective hair replacement therapy. Female pattern baldness is more common than you think! Here at Advanced Hair Studio we offer an AHS DNA test to establish whether the loss of hair is due to hereditary factors. Once we have ascertained the cause we then advise on which of our highly effective treatments can be used to remedy the situation.

Men too can experience a serious loss of confidence when suffering male hair loss otherwise known as male pattern baldness. Again there could be many reasons as to why this is happening – diet, hormones, lifestyle, stress and genetics play a huge part in hair loss.

Book a free hair assessment at our highly reputable Nottingham clinic for a comprehensive check of your hair and scalp and let us help you to get your life back on track and make you feel and look great again!

Visit our Nottingham Based Hair Loss Specialist

The branch of dermatology which deals with the study of the health of the scalp and hair is trichology.

A fully qualified trichologist is a specialist in everything to do with the health of hair and the scalp. A trichologist is an expert in diagnosing the cause of scalp diseases, hair loss, hair miniaturisation, the thinning of hair and hair breakage. A trichologist also provides advice for scalp irritation, baldness and brittle hair and ways of treating these problems.

If you are at all concerned or worried about your hair loss you can book a consultation with our hair loss specialist today at one of Advanced Hair Studios hair loss centres situated around the country. This is a free no obligation consultation with a specialist who is trained at finding out the cause of people’s hair loss. Once the cause has been discovered a treatment will be offered if one is available for your type of hair loss. This is free and at no time is there any pressure to commit to anything.

Why People Suffer from Hair Loss

Everyone sheds around 100 hairs every day, so loosing hair is normal, however, for some people hair loss is more serious with a growing number of people under the age of 40 experiencing hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by a number of different things with the most common being stress, drugs, pregnancy, eating disorders and poor nutrition. With these and other causes, hair loss is temporary and can be treated.

At all Advanced Hair Studio clinics skilful and highly trained professionals are on hand to diagnose and treat your hair loss problems in the best way they can. Our specialists offer treatments for scaling problems, oiliness, bald patches, itchy scalps, hair thinning, painful hair, dryness and so on.

You should book an appointment to see one of our expert hair specialists if:

  • Hair starts to fall out
  • Bold patches or a bold patch suddenly appear
  • Hair begins thinning
  • Your head is always itchy
  • Hair is poor quality or isn’t growing as it should

Our hair loss specialists will examine your hair and scalp to determine what is causing it, after they will inform you of the treatment or treatments available to you. If the cause of your hair loss happens to be more serious, you could be referred to a doctor.

Restoration Treatments for Hair Loss

Hair restoration surgery is a superficial and simple treatment which includes removing root bearing hair follicles and implanting them on an area of the head which is balding or thinning. These transplanted hairs continue to grow the same as they did before they were removed.

Once the transplanted hairs have started to re-grow properly they can be looked after and managed like natural hair. These hairs can be dyed and shampooed like you normally would and don’t require any kind of medication to maintain growth, even if the hairs are cut or completely shaved off, they will continue to grow back like the rest of your hair.

Hair replacement surgery at Advanced Hair Studio is carried out at one of our hair loss clinics by a highly trained professional who is a specialist in hair loss and the treatment of hair loss. Hair replacement surgery is mainly used to treat baldness. It can also be used to restore beard, eyebrows and eyelashes.

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