Male Baldness Treatment & Thinning Therapies


Advanced Hair Studio is the number 1 choice when it comes to male pattern hair loss and receding hairline treatment! We use our very own breakthrough technology and provide a second to none customer service for all clients. Over 500,000 people have benefited from our hair restoration procedures, hair growth treatment therapies and advice.

So whatever your age, if you’re losing hair or have a receding hairline, we can advise you as to whether it is genetics or other causes and then provide the most appropriate treatment solutions. See below for more information on the services we offer.

  • Advanced Hair Check

    Our hair expert carrying out an Advanced Hair Check

    Here at Advanced Hair Clinic we offer a complimentary ADVANCED HAIR CHECK™. We will do a full analysis on your hair and scalp to identify which of our hair restoration treatments or hair loss products best suits your condition. Give us a call to book your appointment to establish if hair loss or receding hair is due to a genetic disposition. This is a no-obligation service and is performed by one of our highly trained specialists.

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  • Strand By Strand

    Strand-By-Strand treatment results

    Are you looking to achieve fuller hair? Is your receding hairline getting you down? We have the perfect solution for you undergoing our patented Strand By Strand® procedure. The clue is in the name – we will replace your hair literally strand by strand without any pain or scarring. Due to the low maintenance of this outstanding treatment there will be very little impact on your lifestyle. Replace your hair and your confidence with our Strand By Strand® procedure. * Requires on-going maintenance

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  • Advanced Laser Therapy

    Male Pattern Baldness laser therapy

    Advanced Laser Therapy® is highly effective in the treatment of hair loss and male pattern baldness. Amazing results can be seen in as little as four months*. Advanced Laser Therapy® utilises a combination of modern laser technology with scalp and follicle treatments to restore and regenerate hair. The treatment incorporates a Minoxidil solution, a hair regeneration remedy, to promote regrowth and the growth of new hair. This type of treatment is fast becoming one of the most popular treatments for receding hair due to outstanding results and affordability.

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    * Results achieved with Minoxidil hair loss treatment, will require continual use.

  • Advanced Hair Fibres

    Hair Thickening Fibres

    Male hair loss can be very distressing and may cause a loss of confidence. Here at Advanced hair Studio we offer our clients state of the art hair loss and receding hair treatments to restore hair loss or hair thinning. Our Advanced Hair Fibre products use natural keratin fibres to instantly restore lost or thinning hair. By electrostatically bonding with your existing hair, the thickening fibres will blend in and result in immediate volume and reduction in the appearance of thinning and bald patches. This hair loss remedy is extremely easy to apply, completely natural and safe, stays bonded no matter what the weather may hold and can be simply washed out with shampoo.

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  • Advanced Singular Hair Grafting

    singular hair grafting

    Has your hairline changed over the years? Wouldn’t you love to regenerate your thinning hair and restore your looks and confidence? Wouldn’t it be great if you could achieve this without anyone ever knowing you have had surgery? If the answer is yes then our Advanced Singular Grafting® – ‘The Real Thing’™ is the perfect treatment for receding hairlines! This amazing grafting procedure utilises your own hair to thicken and restore a brand new front hairline, the Strand-By-Strand® procedure then fills in the hair behind.

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  • Advanced Singular Hair Transplantation

    singular hair transplantation

    Men with receding hairlines and male pattern baldness are often looking for effective, permanent ways of restoring their lost hair. Advanced Singular Hair Transplantation™ is a minimally invasive surgical procedure which will do exactly that! Our hair transplantation procedure is proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of hair loss, hair thinning, male pattern baldness and androgenetic alopecia. Performed by our highly qualified team of hair loss surgeons, our transplant procedures are safe and highly effective.

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  • Advanced Hair and Scalp Fitness Program.gif

    Shane Warne after AHS-FP Treatment

    Our Advance Hair & Scalp Fitness Program or AHS-FP™ is a system we developed in order to provide our clients with multiple treatments in a single program for the treatment of hair loss, hair thinning, androgenetic alopecia and baldness. Using a combination of products specifically designed to treat hair loss and our very own Advanced Laser Comb (FDA approved) we will analyse and formulate a program to suit each client’s individual hair loss issue with the aim of promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss, and restoring confidence.

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  • Advanced Hair Clinic for male hair loss

    Free consultation at Advanced Hair Clinic

    At Advanced Hair Clinic™, a specialist Advisory Trichologist is able to advise on, diagnose and assist with treatments for a wide range of hair loss conditions, including: male and female pattern hair loss or baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia ); Telogen Effluvium (diffuse hair loss); Congenital Alopecia; Traction Alopecia; Alopecia Areata/Totalis/Universalis; Cicatricial Alopecia; Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia; Tricotillamania, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

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