Advanced Hair Check - Help Prevent a Receding Hairline

Preventing Hair Loss with our Free Advanced Hair & Scalp Check

Book a visit at one of our many clinics for a complimentary, no-obligation hair and scalp analysis. One of our highly qualified hair loss specialists will perform a series of checks to analyse the current condition of your hair and scalp and ascertain which treatment or hair loss program will best suit you and the best way of identifying hair loss causes and how to prevent it. 

Surprisingly as much as 40% of men begin to show signs of hair loss as young as in their early to mid-twenties. Despite this high percentage it does not necessarily mean that further hair loss or balding is inevitable especially if signs of thinning are identified early on. This is where our ADVANCED HAIR CHECK really helps when it comes to hair loss prevention. 

You may be concerned about male pattern baldness, in which case your initial action should be to book a no obligation, free appointment with one of our specialists who will determine whether your worries are founded or not. After you have received the Advanced Hair Check you will be advised on possible causes of your hair loss and the therapy for hair loss that will achieve the best results for your condition. This is a totally free consultation and you will not be pushed into making any immediate decisions.

The advice we supply to all potential clients in regards to stopping hair loss has been extensively researched and tested. Many of the hair loss procedures we utilise have been developed and patented by ourselves and have proven to be extremely effective in the restoration of lost hair.

So when you are considering how to prevent hair loss, look no further than Advanced Hair Clinic. Check out our Before & After gallery to see the amazing results we have achieved.