Shane Warne: Hair Loss Treatment Results

Shane Warne, Cricket Legend, Chose us to Return his Hair to its Original State

Shane Warne Hair Loss Treatment

My hair is looking thicker and fuller with AHS-FP. The decision for me to do something about my hair was a slam dunk….  So I saw Advanced Hair Studio.

Shane Warne
Cricket Legend

Shane Warne has been undergoing Advanced Hair Studio’s Hair Treatment since 2006.

Shane Warne is treating his hair with the Advanced Hair Studio, ‘AHS-FP’ program. Shane’s hair has significantly benefited from this program and we are delighted to confirm that he continues with this hair treatment program exclusively with Advanced Hair Studio.

In addition to the AHS-FP program® Shane has now added the Strand by Strand® procedure to his hair loss treatment regime. Full details of this Blitz on hair loss which is a combination of the Strand by Strand hair procedure and AHS-FP®, can be found on this website or by contacting your local Advanced Hair Studio.

If you want to know more about how Advanced Hair Studio has helped Shane Warne tackle his Hair Loss, with the latest ‘Blitz’ hair loss treatment program, please contact us using the online application form and we will be in touch to book your free no obligation hair check at the convenience of your closest Advanced Hair Studio.