Strand-by-Strand® Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

REPLACE Your Hair Strand-by-Strand

Replace your hair the way you lost it, strand by strand. There is no surgery hair graft, no pain and no scarring. Originally invented and patented by Advanced Hair Studio, the Strand-by-Strand® procedure has almost no impact on your lifestyle and is low maintenance. Enjoy the confidence of looking good again with the Strand-by-Strand® procedure.

Within the first few seconds of meeting you most people form a first impression. That’s where hair loss can be a significant negative working against a positive impression. You can look much older than you really are. You may appear to lack confidence and self esteem, all because of hair loss. A full head of hair achieved through a Strand-by-Strand®  hair replacement procedure can help you feel totally confident and present the image you want to the world. At a Hair Loss Procedure that deals with the effects of going bald!

Advanced Hair Studio’s formerly patented Strand-by-Strand® hair replacement procedure for men looks totally natural from any angle and in any style. You can even enjoy short cropped hair styles whilst maintaining an undetectable hair line. As a hair loss treatment program, it's hair replacement that looks totally natural.

One of the great benefits of Advanced Hair Studio’s Strand by Strand®  procedure is the fact that there is no scarring and no pain generally associated with hair grafts and transplants. The results of a Strand-by-Strand® hair replacement procedure for men is a full, natural looking head of hair that looks just like its growing back over a period of time.

Hair loss procedures that deal with the effects of going bald don't come any better than Advanced Hair Studio's Strand-by-Strand® procedure. If you are looking for a baldness treatment without pain or scarring of hair grafts, look no further than Strand-by-Strand®*

* Requires ongoing maintenance - results may vary depending on individuals